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At Lexington Therapies we focus on finding the underlying issues that are affecting your child’s physical, emotional, and language development. We then specialize in tailoring a treatment program focusing on those underlying issues; using specific interventions that help empower your child to reach their targeted goals! Lexington uses a holistic approach, where therapists collaborate closely with family members, support coordinators and everyone else involved! Through Occupational, Music, and Speech therapy we are able to provide your child with the help they need and prepare parents with the tools they need to continue your child’s progress at home!

Therapy Services In Arizona

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Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Music Therapy

Physical Therapy



Individualized Planning

Certified Therapists

Social Skills Building

Sensory Integration

Holistic Child Approach

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Parents Recommend


"Our son has been receiving services through Lexington Therapy Services for many years and each therapist he’s had has been great! I especially love that they’ve added on music therapy recently too. They’ve also been extremely helpful during this pandemic with being able to do some therapies online. I highly recommend Lexington Therapy Services and have been very pleased with the therapists and services they provide."

Jess S.

"We have been going to Lexington for 3 years and we couldn’t be happier! There is low turn over for therapists and they have very flexible schedules. They have also been very accommodating during the pandemic, transitioning to teletherapy so we could continue services. We recommend Lexington to all our friends!"

Steven J.

If your looking for a caring, fun and goal striving place you will like this program. Vanessa and Susan are are truly amazing. Calm environment with lots of fun activities. Thank you for making my son experience happy!

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