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Lexington Therapy Services provides Speech therapy in-home, in-clinic, and via tele health.


Our therapists work with children on speech, receptive and expressive language and communication, explicit language, such as asking for help or taking direction, and more.


Pediatric speech therapy treats communication disorders, both in expressive and receptive language, that may cause children to have difficulty communicating verbally.


Lexington Therapy Services provides Occupational therapy in-home, in-clinic, and via telehealth. 


Occupational therapy focuses on assisting children in developing skills needed to gain independence, including fine and gross motor skills and development, sensory-motor skills and regulation, visual-motor skills and spatial awareness, bodily and functional awareness, bilateral coordination, such as writing or cutting paper, and teaching children how to express themselves through physical activity.


Lexington Therapy Services provides Music therapy in-clinic, and via tele health.

Our music therapy program and providers will first start by taking members through an individual assessment to determine which therapeutic approach will be best suited to your loved one’s needs.


This well-established therapy uses musical interactions to improve a specific function or set of functions. Music therapy helps introduce rhythm, increase fine motor and sensory skills through playing instruments, and assists with listening to and following directions.


Physical Therapy focuses on activities and exercises that improve strength, balance, and posture and builds motor skills.


Our Physical Therapy program involves 1:1 initial assessment and individualized goals that will work on exercises, stretches, and other modalities that will help improve mobility, hand / eye coordination, and speech.


Our therapists will work with families to train on specific exercises, provide accommodations and recommendations, to ensure progress is being made towards goals. 


Lexington Therapy Services uses the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach to encourage members to learn more about food and textures by playing and becoming more comfortable around new foods.


SOS integrates motor, oral, behavioral/learning, medical, sensory and nutritional factors and approaches in order to evaluate and manage feeding/growth concerns.


Typical developmental feeding steps, stages, and skills are recognized and embedded within our feeding program.


All therapists at Lexington are both Nationally and State certified. Our therapists go through rigorous background checks, obtain a fingerprint clearance card, and have the appropriate documentation to work through a contract with the Arizona Department of Economic Security.


Our therapists complete appropriate continuing education on a yearly basis, to continuously progress their knowledge to better serve our clients and the specific disabilities we work with!

Speech Therapy
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